Still life photography – the edge

Photography, especially still life photography is really important to me. I decided to create this blog to concentrate on the subject.

I have taken this image today and I feel that it’s good enough to talk about it. Sharp and in the same time smooth edge I would like to concentrate on. The light is the key, of course, someone could say ‘The light is the key to all photography’ but as I learn over the time catching the right type of light is the key. I prefer daylight, and I’m trying to use that source of light as often as possible. The light on my photography gives us a mood and edges of the vase are very important in our reading of the image. Both sides of the vase are sharp, but one is in strong light (with the dashed line) and in the shadow (with doted flower) second side. I like the smoothness of the vase compering to the hard background. On the background also visible shadow, some source of the light is suspended. This type of lighting on the image also create the mood, but what’s more important sharps fully in the light edge of the vase (dashed line side). It’s incredible how little change of light source can give a different effect.


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