Still Life Photography – creating the mood

I have concentrated today on creating ‘a mood’, but go it ‘the mood’ in the end. Let’s start from the beginning…

I decided to take a few photographs a week completely away from my day to day work theme (which I do like, but not necessarily want to talk on the blog at this point) and get that feeling of freedom I used to had when first time started photography. Also, I believe that every new object can give me lots (sometimes only some, but still highly valuable) of possibilities to learn something new.

Still Life Photography is not easy, it can be really hard at the time, but once you got the shot you know is just perfect – then is that sweet feeling of satisfaction. Wonderfull! How often that happens? – It really depends, I got much better with the time. However, sometimes when I look back, and I judge my projects after years I think: ‘God, how good these photographs were!’ I remember how much time I have spent at the time creating each one (some of them – days, taking to consideration night shoots and retaking night after night ), these days it will not take even half of that time. But there are moments when you crave something completely new, unusual and then it can be really tricky.

Today it was really tricky, I have started with jewelry going through furniture and finishing finally with satisfaction on stones. Jumping from object to object it can also be quiet engaging, for some people – distracting (that probably depends on personality).

So the stones and a/the mood. Daylight, but also as you can see shadows. We have two types of shadows, which also are the light (if think closely). Image of a stone plain and without shadows it’s just flat, no emotions in it. Then we add shadows of the stones (catching light from one side) and we create a mood. However, taking a step further and adding the layer of shadows in between light and the objects we create the mood. The peaceful mood of harmony or on another hand distraction and questions from viewer point. Whichever way I like the mood and hopefully will have a chance to use the idea again in the future.

DSC_1406 for web

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