Phone Photography – Still Life

Taking the last opportunity of the summer (or maybe very first autumn) sunbath and reading a book I took a picture on my phone. This is how I got an idea about today’s blog post. It’s not like phone photography is a completely new idea to me, I’m using my phone very often (if not always) for pre shots. It’s so easy way to create the new vision without much effort, usually without great outcome (for many reasons) but there is that starting point. And this is where I want to concentrate on.

I don’t know many photographers, and also those I know are not so kin on using phone photography. Once I thought if I only could change their mind… So maybe that is my chance, here and now! First of all, I’m using the phone as a tool but also I can not say that all photography from the phone is bad. Secondary everyone who takes photography on the regular base knows within less than a second which photography was taken by phone which one wasn’t. I know you can get better over time with phone photography and that is a great skill but still, it is the phone. Your phone makes everything for you, so you don’t know how much fun you are losing by just not knowing what you could achieve with a real camera. Beauty is not only in a catching right composition (people, things or landscape) but also what you can show changing settings, making background or foreground darker/lighter. Getting the right mood for the right composition. Also many phones give a distorted point of a subject. When you are taking nice pictures of your friends, how often happens to you that their faces don’t actually look the way you just capture?

Probably I could spend another 300 words to describe other minuses but I won’t instead let me talk about the pros. Starting with the phone, pre-shot, as I call, gives me a sense of composition. A quick look and even quicker judgment. What to add or take away. For still life photography, this is huge upgrade. Once you can see the potential, there is a place for improvement with the camera. For someone who only starts photography (but I’m warning – time-consuming) once taken a nice, interesting picture – upload to your computer and check what settings were taken on. You can also find out how much your phone put ‘energy’ to create your heritage. It amazes me every time I look at the settings, it’s a really interesting learning curve. Maybe because your camera will never have a chance to produce photography with that set of settings (similar, but not exactly).

I’m adding today photo from my phone as it is nice (showing that I’m not totally against phone photography) but also because I don’t have my camera at the moment (left at the project spot). I feel really sorry that I can not show the comparison at this point, but I’m glad for the new, different view on my book. Relaxing…hmmm

For everyone interested in reading, book title: “The reason I jump” by Naoki Higashida.


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