Abstract & Minimalism – photography

Sometimes I wonder what I like more abstract or minimalism… and then if we talk about photography, for me they will be equal. More – less both I’m using quite often, and very often both appear in my photography at the same time.

Once I had the shot today, my first idea it was – poster! How many powerful minimalistic posters have I seen in my life? Quite a few! And what so big about them? Probably the size, but surely is not about the size only. Somehow they have that power. Of course, is about using space, the empty space. Searching with an eye, drifting in nothingness. How relaxing that is, but is it that relaxing for everyone? – I wonder! In fact, I know that many people like it, but when I ask them why they like it, usually they can’t really point the ‘thing’.

My minimalistic photograph has two main points. One – colour, shading down and the pointing part of frame (which makes also abstract at the same time) – two. Looking at the picture none of the parts on its own would make interesting picture. Combination of the two makes the ‘thing’.

My next step will be to create poster for the following blog, from this picture.

blog 4


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