Poster with Minimalism / Abstract Photography

Here I’m back with promised posters. I enjoyed creating them but as usual only within spear time. Of course, I didn’t want to design just one. I created three (plus other versions of these three). Let’s talk about the very first one…

The no. one was actually no. three looking from the creating point. The red line around the image it appears for a reason. Red gives power, and pressure for attention. The line itself goes behind the frame and gives that 3D feeling (which I absolutely love in design). The stops with text emerge in different positions, they show validation of the text. Very first one: “Perfect Vision” it tells about an event, second: “5 – 8 October” – when, and the last one: “Millstones” – organization or company. (The company and an event doesn’t exist – it’s purely the creation of my imagination) All uncomplicated, this poster definitely shows my faith in simplicity. Less is more! The image was taken by me for previews blog (read here) about minimalism & abstract photography.

poster 4a

Few words about the other two posters:

One from the left I will name no.2 and from the right no.3

No.2 also shows simplicity and is not that complicated as the no.3. This poster it’s more to give a point in life. I believe everyone will understand this one differently (that also is beautiful as it shows how different we – people are). Main message: “be the simple one”. It looks like a school project and this is how I wanted to look like. I remember how rich I felt when I was young and poor (pretty much no cash at all). Wonderful time: books borrowed from the library and cigarette smoked with a friend – half and a half… All these feelings are so important when creating our own design.

No.3 is a really big disappointment, in my opinion. I thought of it the most and come as the weakest link, that’s also the reason I wanted to show this poster. I find out some time ago that more I think of the project the worst it comes. I really wonder if that’s only me or anyone else got that in their life. The graphic of the flower + photo of another flower in the middle makes the poster really heavy. Horrible to look at. Text in the bottom it’s not too bad, but definitely, there is a space for improvement.

poster 1

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