Still Life by Night

As the weather doesn’t help (lack of sun) I decided to take a few pictures last night, with the only candlelight. Here is the result.

Since I had started photography, and start understanding it’s all about light, night photography was prior to exercise. It was much easier to grab a camera at night then at the day, my daughter was only 2 at the time and day time was fully designed to her needs. Of course, I had some time at the day to practice but it wasn’t that much of it.

I remember how much I wanted all photography look perfect, which mean re-take night after night. Time-consuming, but often with good results. Last night I took pictures of my lantern. I really like a few things about this image and I want now to concentrate on them.

One. silhouette – especially the top, sharp edge of the lantern. It gives me an impression of mustaches, probably because in the very ends of each side catches a little bit of suspicious light. Or maybe a horns…?

Two. horizontal line – it’s not only breaking the image in parts but also breaking nicely the light. So that on the table we can see a very strong light (I would call it firm) with sharp lines where the edge of lantern starts/end. The light on the other side of the horizontal line is warmer and the line is softer. Really nice outcome. Very important – the horizontal line slim and acute.

Three. colours – this is one of these magical moments when we realize that the human eye does not see colors the same way as the camera. On the photo we see beautiful orange, my eye had seen a cream dull color. It’s a really nice experience to practice with taking photography at night (not only, but most visible – almost touchable 😉 ) with different settings.

Four. negative space – I like negative space, seriously a lot. But in this case, is not so strong. One thing I need to mention, our imagination in this moment is very important. As we can see the image in original and cut out under. Cut out is a stronger photograph, in my opinion, can be used as a header. Now using our imagination, without looking on the original you know there is or should I say must be negative space all around. It’s a little bit playing hide and seeks. Untouchable use of pure imagination. It happens to me a lot when I see images in parts.





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