There is something about this photograph…

… I look at it and my mind wonder …

Can you see it?

Not yet? Maybe I can find it? Let me talk through it.

Texture – starting smoothly from the bottom, like a blossoming touch of delicate skin. Then the sharp edge and the texture of material all around the shadow dip and pendant. The pendant texture, a little bit rough but sparkle to. Soft in some places and eye interesting in others.

Shadow – in fact, few shadows but all-natural or maybe I should say semi-natural…? I created so probably semi, I decided which side from and how the dip shadow drops (but I have used sunlight only).

Lines – (very important!) goes all trough whole picture. There are texture lines, the lines of the shadow dip – diagonal (which appears as one of the strongest lines in photography and design) and the chain line which is also very strong even that is a horizontal line. I like that the lines disappear off the image, creating a question for our imagination.

Circle – the pendant itself is very interesting, it makes photo to appear romantic (as of the pattern – probably).


Another week I’m finding that the cut-off part of the image is much better than the whole image. How strange! But now without even thinking I can say that the lines and light attract attention.


Sometimes things become more clear after some photo manipulation…

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