The smoothness…

… of an art.

How often happens, that I see an object and can not resist taking a photograph of it? The answer is: nearly always. I mean always! Seriously once there is little ‘something’ about it first thing is to take interesting photo. This is how my still life photography started pretty much. Of course, I went through different stages and subjects over the years. Probably many of my photographs will not be seen by anyone. Some of them were really unique, taken for special people in my life or for special occasions. I truly want to worship them today here…

Going off sentimental talk…

The picture I want to talk today about is an abstract. Three main points: texture, light line, and colors.

Texture it appears interesting as of shapes, differences of smoothness and shadowing (or captured light)

Light line – the most attractive part of the image. Full focus on it. Also, the little lines in between – create playing in a game – sort of feeling, I am a child looking at it. I really wonder what others are seeing in it…?

Colors – first time I took an image all in grey, and it was really attractive for my eye. However, I decided to try with a few different colors of the background. I have decided on this color as it shows my soul. It’s my favorite color of nail polish – I know that’s so womanish of me;). One valuable point is that greys are working pretty well with pink and this picture is a good example of it.

The very last word, I love to play with that sort of unexpected combination of texture & colors.


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