The Curve – The Red Roller Coaster

Once, quite a few years ago I went to one of these roller coaster parks. Today’s image reminds me of one wonderful ride. Extreme!

Something interesting going around in the background, colors, and shapes are crazy, as on the roller coaster. But also the theme of colors, red and black it tells the viewer that it’s an interesting game, probably between two adults. A man and a woman… We have two different approaches so far.

What do I like about this photograph? Mainly the curve, it’s just perfect. The texture of the ribbon gives a natural feeling to the image. The little sparkle shapes of the jewelry remind me of the light flashes on the roller coaster. All lines from the ribbon in the background are like from the cartoon, we are speeding on them like careless kids. All that is pure imagination. We only need to switch it, and it will go on and on…


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