Can still life photography be taken out in wild nature?

Certainly, it can. That’s the bottom line to the question. However, there is more to it!

When I first started taking photography everything seems to me so unruly. I didn’t understand why some pictures are better than others even where taken at the same spot. Of course longer you into it – better you are. More-less over time, I intend to create my own rules without even knowing. How is that possible? When I first got to photography I didn’t see, I could stand next to the picture taken and simply couldn’t see! Don’t get me wrong I have seen the beauty, but couldn’t describe. I just thought: the photographer had luck. Surely luck has some part in taking good pictures, but if you take pictures for some time you simply know what is going to work what’s not. Understanding basic rules are essential, and that was my problem. I decided to study, got to know the subject bit better – that was the perfect target. I understand the rules now and these days I often decide to break the rules (of course photography rules ;P ). Breaking some rules we create other rules. Are they good? Breaking itself main rules it can only be judged by looking at the outcome. But form my own perspective I know that breaking the main rules allow me to learn a new lesson nearly every time I decide to go a different path.

I found myself in still life photography, I love it! There are times when is hard to pic the camera or less inspired at other times. Still life photography is all about creating own setups. In-home environment, with all sort of things around. Quickly I found it that light is the biggest rule. The light is a game-changer, or maybe I should say light and shadows. So going that thinking path I want to explain that natural light – much better sources to photography taking. Why should we stick to take still life photographs at home? I don’t see a good reason for it. Another rule I intend to break often is the use of items. On today photograph there are only natural and wild items. Someone could even say it’s a photo of nature, and certainly, it is! But the human hand is involved. Doesn’t look like? Thank you – that’s a nice compliment!