The Silver Morning

How often you wake up in the morning and first thing you see is something that inspires you for the whole entire day? I’m so lucky to have that possibility nearly every day now! I moved to my new house on the begging of this year and I’m so appreciated for new place. A lot of windows to two sides of the world and with a completely different view from all of them. It’s a heaven to my artistic soul.

Today I decided to share with you – my morning East view window. One thing I want to concentrate today is the sunlight. The amazing atmosphere is only possible on the rich sunrise. That’s another proof that photography without the right light is worthless. The silver morning started in spring, I hope to have it for as long as possible. Nevertheless light is the key! Going away from photography for a second. Did you ever think how do you feel on the sunny days and compare the feeling with dark winter short day and long evenings? Of course, there are also many other factors on our days, but looking just from the perspective of light. I’m happier and full of vital energy on sunny days. Then going back to photography – exactly the same feeling you get with photo shooting. The right light can give you much more great results. Other time of the day that window is not so much exiting, definitely not with the blinds on.

Another beauty I’m finding in this image is the shadows. The layer of trees creates that wonderful pattern. I believe I mentioned that before, the layers are also very important in creating the right atmosphere in still life photography.

Then the blinds create that sort of Japanese touch. Simple but so soulful! Somehow nostalgic to me…

My nostalgia silver morning, please enjoy!