Inspiration – where does it come from?

It’s a really good question. What’s also makes the inspiration interesting is how long will it last? Today I went through my old photographs. My very beginning of photography taking. It fills me with so much inspiration, not only that of course. But I believe it was that needed drop! Some ideas start growing… but next time about that.

When I look back a few years – I can see how much I was inspired, by many things. I found myself so much driven, I have done so many projects without even thinking. The world around it was so much exciting and helpful with all ideas. My positivity never seems to be lost then. I’m very proud of that times and secretly jealous. Where is me from then? I wonder if that was only a young, blind positive approach with many different outcomes? Of course, not all projects were great and not all can be shown, but that mood I was in – kept me going and doing. So much depends not only on visual inspiration (and saying visual I don’t only mean pictures or videos, but also books or other reading sources) but also on the situation around us. So many artists take deep inspiration from love and not necessarily happy love, some take from lost family members or close friends. Hard life circumstances are another interesting one…

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my friends about practicing her painting. Very talented but not ready yet to admire all her works, however each one very special somehow. She was complaining that she doesn’t feel at the moment to get herself back to painting. What I said then make her back again painting, ‘Go back, where your inspiration started and draw from it.’ She did! That was that simple! I’m glad she is practicing, I have a good feeling about her talents!

Somehow that takes me back to my question. Where inspiration comes from? Where MY inspiration come from? I started digging today in my past. I got it! But I also found it’s not only old sources but also present situation. Music, books, people around and them bearing. I’m back!

Now I would like to share one of my images from the past. What made me chose this one? I think the shadows in the teacup but also the cream flower looking out of the cup, and the colour theme. I remember working on that project, I did around 2000 shots to get the final 10. Hard work, but how satisfying! The attached image wasn’t part of chosen images for the project then, still, I like the simple composition…

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