Photo manipulation or photo and manipulation?

One of my favorite photo edition is manipulation, photo manipulation. We can achieve so much, by manipulating photo these days. Only over a century ago, that wasn’t really possible, definitely not on the computer in the home environment. Where now, everyone has endless possibilities. Many of us overuse it, however, I believe is good to practice, perhaps not everything always should be shown to everyone. Not every form of photo manipulation is good or I shall say good enough. Golden center is the key, even that word manipulation never brings positive thoughts. I’m sure everyone met in life manipulative individual, wherever that would be: at work or in the family. Manipulation it sounds so negative and many people really don’t like to use it. Personally, I met at least two people in my life that were manipulative and both of them gave me hard life lessons. I heard so many times the toughest but the best lessons in life are created by our enemies. We don’t know who we will meet tomorrow and how our relationship will develop, it can be life time friendship or fulfilling love, but it can also be manipulative individual, who is only up to his/her own business. We have got now to this point thinking negative about manipulation, so that it will take us to think also negative about photo manipulation. Is it photo manipulation a bad thing?

Photo manipulation and manipulation is definitely dictated by set of skills. In both cases skills are learned, what means a progress in our life. Of course we don’t want to be manipulative people, but it would be useful to create photos the way we imagine, make them perfect for others to admire. So why one manipulation is better than another? At the end of the day both don’t do good. How many more life will be lost looking at perfectly brushed model’s body in catalogues? How many more people will feel disappointed going on life holidays to pictured destination to find out it’s not like on the pictures? How many times we look at someone photos on social media, thinking – is that person really looks like that??? I have seen her/him a day ago on the street, and I’m sure they don’t look like that… and so on. But there is also a creative photo manipulation, is that good manipulation? Manipulative people bring lessons to our lives, so that we gain something good in the end of it – right? Does that mean there is always something good in bad? Or maybe something good out of bad?

I’m sorry, many questions today, but I’m finding this subject really interesting (on both levels).

Featuring some of my old photo manipulations.

One thought on “Photo manipulation or photo and manipulation?

  1. Some people are just spiteful and enjoy destroying lives. Turning themselves into something their not to seek and destroy, shape shifters prepared to be anyone to cause hurt with lies and manipulation. I agree we have all met people like that they seem to be everywhere and yes always something to learn but nasty people leave nasty scares and they love to team up together for maximum damage. Manipulation of photos is the same, it’s a lie, a fake. Pretending to be something it’s not to tell the lie it wants everyone to believe with no real purpose other than self gratification.

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