Perfectly Aligned

I would like to share with you today 3 photos from the past. The photographs are of lines but not just lines – in the matter they perfectly aligned. I took these images a few years ago and I did them around the same phrase of my life. I’m trying to track my way of thinking at the time, I remember some thoughts but not everything. I remember being amazed how good the lines where coming on photos, I still like them. Different state of mind, so peaceful. 

The shadow stripes are just excellent, the sun and other aspects did the important job here. What feelings give you?  Think how many factors need to be in place to achieve the effect. Was this a pure accident? No one can gain that without the sun and without a specific fence, the fence need to be in certain angle for a specific time of the day and yet no one thought of these circumstances to get this photo when was first built. I can’t imagine thou.

The second image is I feel less intense, more relaxing. Few shadows from the tree branches, pink petals. And the lines, lines still are important, they create that homee feeling. Don’t you want to walk on it barefoot? I would love to! The sun is warm, but not hot, it feels like late afternoon. Where this image takes you?

The last image reminds me a lot of the second image, however it was taken at a different spot. It feels to me like a wedding. Happy green comes out of one corner, then loads of pink flowers from the tree and wooden lines. Photo taken from unusual angle, it’s very expressive. So much life in it! Do you feel what I’m saying?

I like them all, even they old. My next step will be to take the next set of perfectly aligned images, but this time I will use DSLR camera, as the images I’ve decided to share where taken on the phone. Let’s see what outcome we will get on my next entry.