‘Organic’ lines

At first I didn’t like the word ‘organic’. What even that means? Organic… My first initial thought was that I’m doing something wrong in my life, that everything around me, all my choices in life are somehow toxic, plastic, wrong. Why no one thought me that to live longer I have to eat organic food? All my life I was making food choices wrongly… Well, was I? I have to say I did feel very unsettle about the whole organic invention.

I have to say, that organic is still rarely used in my vocabulary, as I imagine it should be. However, here we are after taking some photos of lines (as I promised last time) I decided on this image today. ‘Organic’ lines, there is so many lines and all seems to be very interesting to the eye. Differentiation in colors and ground. I like the fact that what we can see is mainly green, but the red lines still take bigger attention. Is it that the color or the shape? Personally, I think, is the shape, and that’s why I named it ‘organic’. They truly natural, all over the place as they should be. No expectation, but somehow harmony. Looking up to the sun. So much to look at, but the most important is where the lines lead our eye to. Is it interesting?

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