Americano Mug – GIF

My very first gif made for Celsur Plastics. I absolutely love to create gifs, up to this project I did quite a lot of my private gifs. It can be tricky, but the final effect always draws me to create another one. On this practical project, I took fifty photographs. I manipulate them and made the frames in Adobe Photoshop. The text was given by Promotional Products team, enhancing all graphics. I think this gif is very spontaneous but also energetic and introducing in thoughtfulness. Eye-catching and interesting, the viewer wants to read the text and definitely clicking in the post to find out more. This gif-advert was posted on all social media platforms, but also it was paid as an add on Facebook (riching 25000 views). In this point, I hope to design more and more moving gifs, I’m very pleased.


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