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Flipchart – e-shot

Flipchart is one of my favorite products produced by Celsur Plastics. I wanted to show the nature of the product and purposes of still used but unfortunately, these days more often replaced with electronic devices. However, I wanted to create eye-pleasing imaginer for this e-shot. I think the main image it’s nicely presenting mood of the flipchart and surroundings giving an impression of the meeting. Creating images like this one belongs to my favorite jobs. My photography is not only about taking pictures, is more about making them. Every item on all images (I am a photographer of) are there for a reason, and the main reason (in Celsur Plastics photographs) is to create images “product in use”.

I design the layout of the e-shot also as previews, I had design header (which is going to be changed every few months, also all social media headers following the same design to much all platforms). To design the whole project I have used Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. The layout of e-shot in MailChimp.