Infographic of Book Jackets

This project will always belong to one of my favorite ones. There are a few reasons for that, first of all, I absolutely love reading. Secondary, even if I love to read, some of the facts I faced for the first time. Another point was choosing the most important facts and creating visual for all of them. I wanted to design this infographic using images, graphics, and typography. I usually draw visual in my scrapbook, to have the possibility to go back on every step of designing. It’s really interesting to have a comparison after the final save of the project. The vision of this project and outcome become very alike. Planed through it become much easier, in fact, I can’t imagine now create any project without notes and ideas.

Photographs I have manipulated in Adobe Photoshop, graphics draw in Adobe Illustrator and final layout with typography in Adobe InDesign.

book jackets overview

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