Polypropylene Binder – Celsur Social Media Advert

Still project, an advert for social media. As much as company heading away from simple still advert images, that much I really like work on these projects. Always think through, with a different approach and a nice set of various photographs in the end. I call these projects: it can be only ONE. Usually, ideas which didn’t work on one set I’m passing to try on the next project, but never using twice the same. This image nicely shows the beauty of polypropylene frosted binder. Some stationery can be really interesting still life photographers dream, and this is definitely one of them. I absolutely love the image. Props also give another story to the photograph, I always try to use some but to many can distract too much. I love simplicity, but there are days that too simple it doesn’t work at all. I’m always trying to look for the right balance creating the images.

pp frosted sm

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